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Mehr von Earth & Pillars
Mehr von Eisenwald
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'Pillars I' is Earth and Pillars second album, 4 lengthy and textured soundtracks of raw & atmospheric black metal. Double vinyl edition published together with our partner Avantgarde Music.

"Pillars I is much more structured, as if it was man-made. Though still mammoth and heavy in atmosphere, these four new tracks are aggressive and menacing, but most of all they appear grey and border on complete barrenness. Lifelessness and grey emptiness are new territory for Earth and Pillars, and yet they more than manage, and with a newfound sense of momentum." - invisibleoranges

"Pillars I is packed with the atmospheric style of shaded Black Metal that has come to define the style, with vocals mixed low so you almost don't notice them, and complex layers of riff and dynamic stacked on top of each other until the whole is an inseparable wall of sound." - metalcrypt.com

"Prepare for exhaustion as you slide forward, to the tip of your desk chair. Fans of Battle Dagorath, Darkspace (if that sounds like epic instead of cosmic) and Mare Cognitum know what's done. Snatch and listen, indeed." - zwaremetalen

"If you’ve been searching the ever growing selection of atmospheric black metal, but don’t know what pit stops to make at for the rest of the year, you’re going to want to be damn sure one of those is “Pillars I”. A fucking amazing record in every sense, Earth and Pillars once again prove that they’re not to be trifled with in the slightest." - headbangerreviews.com

Format: 2x12" (album)
Packaging: Gatefold sleeve on reverse board, double vinyl, paper innersleeve with poly-layer, A5 art-booklet on uncaoted paper.
Vinyl: classic black or snow white
Limitation: 500 (250 each colour)
Cat.Nr.: Eisen116
Barcode: N/A
Release date: July 7th, 2017