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DÉLÉTÈRE - Theovorator - Babelis Testamentum, LP

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Black vinyl (180g), printed lyric sheet on paper, etching on side B. Limited to 400 copies

Hot on the heels of their celebrated 2018 opus, De Horae Leprae, Délétère slithers back from the abyss to unleash its latest Blasphemy: the tale of Babel, survivor of the Great Deluge, who undertakes the construction of Babylon and the Tower of Babel with his minions, to liberate Tervenificus so he can begin the Theovoration – the consummation of God. Once again, Délétère distills its very own essence of powerful, raw and melodic Black Metal that has quickly earned it a place among the very best that Québec Black Metal has to offer. (quote SP Prod.)

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