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ISOLATION - Closing A Circle, SlipcaseCD

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Five years after Isolation released their first demo, the debut full-length appropriately titled “Closing a Circle” gets released and at the same marks the end of an era for the band. An album filled with atmospheric, melancholic rock/metal with mostly clean singing and occasional outbursts of harsh vocals. After three demos, one compilation and a split with austere, isolation move away from harsh and depressive black metal towards calmer more atmospheric regions

1. Something and Nothing
2. Closing a Circle
3. Never Enough
4. This Moment
5. Nomad
6. One Day
7. Fan the Flames
8. There Will Be No Answer
9. The Wasteland
10. May you fare well

"Closing a Circle is nothing if not intriguing. I liked it, and fans of bands like Island/Klabautamann, late 90s Tiamat and maybe Norwegians Virus should check it out." FROM THE DUSK RETURNED

“...always encounter moments that grab you with sometimes calmy dramatic intensity and refuse to let go, be it the vocal lines in the song, ' This Moment ', the great-building instrumental ' Nomad', the somewhat uneven ' Fan The Flames' , bluesy interjections or the agile bass lines in ' May You Fare Well ', to name a few. LEGACY MAGAZINE

 In any case, ISOLATION archive to deliver a very dynamic, pleasant dreamy and unrealistic album - perfect to unwind. ” METAL.DE

“People who listen to depressed, melancholic rock and groups such as Joyless may like to listen.” HATEFUL-METAL.DE

“This German Isolation will go down well with the Isis, Cult Of Luna, A Storm Of Light, Neurosis crowd and with those who love Agalloch’s ‘The Mantle’. Music to sit down and listen to. “ LORD OF METAL zine

Format: CD (album)
Packaging: Jewelcase, 8 panel folder booklet incl. silver print, with a metallic blue printed slipcase on black card stock.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen058
Barcode: 4250088501395
Release date: 2011

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