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LÖNNDOM - Fälen Frän Norr, DigiCD

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Proper digipack re-issue including unpublished lyrics and one bonus track.

The desolate northern wilderness. The forests, the mountains, the wide uninhabited expanse - stark and raw, yet beautiful and poetic in its own right. LÖNNDOM's debut "Fälen från norr" is an aural testament that these energies are not only to be found in our spatial dimensions, but can also be manifested in time via honest and heartfelt songcraft.

Originally released in 2007 and now finally re-issued, this earthbound firstborn creation of A. Pettersson and S. Sandström (both ex-ARMAGEDDA) was also the first ever release on Nordvis, setting the course for what was to come. "Fälen från norr" brings to life their surroundings via an amalgamation of styles that ofttimes defies categories altogether. Rugged and frosty metal, ambient synth passages, rustic yet twisted guitar chords and clear vocal chanting - they all have their place here. Like the seasons change, so does LÖNNDOM. The deliberate and slow-paced songs invite for contemplation and introspection, while the rough production created by the austere and unsophisticated means of recording infuses a sense of danger and focus, evoking the perils of the wilderness.

If you're a fan of Pettersson's SAIVA or Sandström's EHLDER, you can hear that LÖNNDOM is the tree from which those mighty branches grew. The adventurous could call "Fälen från norr" folk rock; and there certainly are many elements passed down from past generations and traditions of folk music, like melancholic melodies, harmonies teetering on the brink between major and minor, and the feeling that home and family always beckon for you to return. And that is exactly what you should do - wander into the wild, block out all modern distractions, lend your ear to LÖNNDOM and lo! There you are. Home.

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