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Pre-order status information

For all items/releases, we either offer as 'pre-order', which are shipping post-release or were released one day to the next which is a huge amount of orders and the shipping department can`t keep up with, you will always find the latest status here. These updates apply both to Webstore and Bandcamp orders, Eisenwald labels, and our Partner releases.

PLEASE NOTE. This is the most up-to-date information, please do not message us on social media or via e-mail about statuses, we can`t respond anymore to all the various requests, especially incomplete requests that seem to come without any information for us to check upon other than BAND X, or MEDIUM Y. Please understand that constant inquiries slow us down alot and we can`t work properly (for example, to send your order!)


COLDWORLD - Isolation CD,MC,Book,LP - Eisen208

October 4th

- all fresh orders from release day onwards are being worked on, afterwards, the status will be deleted.

September 26th

- remaining international orders are shipping, and domestic (German) pre-orders are being handled now

September 15th

- all international orders are checked and processed for shipping

UNGFELL - Demolition, LP (Black) re-release - Eisen202
UNGFELL - Demolition, DigiCD re-release - Eisen202
UNGFELL - Es grauet, LP+booklet (Black) re-press - Eisen175
UNGFELL - Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz, LP (Black) re-press - Eisen128
UNGFELL - Tod, LP (Black) re-press - Eisen147
UNGFELL - Der Wahnsinn..., T-Shirt
UNGFELL - The great bovine, T-Shirt

- on pre-order - releases October 28th

ATEIGGÄR - Tyrannemord, Deluxe Digi2CD - Eisen212
ATEIGGÄR - Tyrannemord, LP (Black) - Eisen212
ATEIGGÄR - Tyrannemord, MC (Black) - Eisen212
ATEIGGÄR - Tyrannemord, T-Shirt
ATEIGGÄR - Die Nacht droht fyschter mir, T-Shirt

- on pre-order - releases October 28th

LUSTRE - A Thirst..., LP (black + color vinyl) - NVP150

- on pre-order - currently expected to ship by early November

JORDFÄST – Av Stoft, CD/LP (black & color vinyl) - NVP152

- on pre-order - releases October 28th

ÄNTERBILA - Änterbila, CD/LP - NVP153

- on pre-order - releases December 2nd