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SCHEITAN - Travelling In Ancient Times, LP

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300 handnumbered copies on black wax, including 8-pages booklet.
Remastered by Henri "Trollhorn" Sorvali

The 1996 debut album of SCHEITAN from Northern Sweden might until today have remained fairly unnoticed even by long-time scene enthusiasts. Those who unearth it though are confronted with a raging Black Metal gem of piercing screams, freezing guitars battling heavy bass, relentless drums pound on occasional keyboard injections, all flourishing in an energetic soundscape which sets a perfect stage for the skillful songwriting that consciously blends an atmospheric base with unpredictable dynamics. To us, all these credentials alongside its authentic feverish passion of a mid-90’s debut album arguably qualify “Travelling in Ancient Times” as an obscure Swedish Black Metal classic, somewhere between “The Rage of the Northmen”, “Nord” and “Enter the Moonlight Gate”.

Eternity Records is honored to give this excellent work, for the first time, a more than deserving vinyl treatment including new vinyl mastering. For it may claim its rightful place in the Black Metal underground in general as well as in the talented Oskar Karlsson’s personal legacy, who has passed away at a young age in 2016…[quote Label]

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