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FEN & DE ARMA – Towards The Shores of The End, CD

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Re-issue of Fen and De Arma's 2011 split album “Towards the Shores of the End” on CD.

It features stunning new artwork by Khaos Diktator Design. This historical relic showcases a variety of atmospheric and melody-driven black metal with elements of post-rock and hypnotic waves of synthesisers. A must-have for fans of Forgotten Woods, Armagedda, Lönndom, and 90s Katatonia.

1. Soilbound (Fen)
2. Ageless Threnody (Fen)
3. Towards the Shores of the End (Fen)
4. Bereft (Reprise) (Fen)
5. Crimson Waters Ebbing the Shore (De Arma)
6. Noemata (De Arma)
7. From Horizon to Oblivion (De Arma)

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