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STILLA - Till Stilla Falla, CD

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A new swedish band with P. Stille (Bergraven) A. Vidhall (Deranged) A. Pettersson (Armagedda/Lönndom) J. Marklund (De Arma). A carefully and passionately written album with a touch that reminds of great elder Scandinavian acts such as Kvist, Isvind, Tulus among others but not without a strong identity of its own. “Till Stilla Falla” proves once and for all that it is still possible to capture the spirit reminiscent to the eerie old northbound magic that this kind of music invoked in the past - which is something very seldom seen these days. With transcendental riffing, immense keyboards, stargazing bass lines & and ghastly vocals STILLA will bring you back to the mystifying days of when “Black Metal” was imbued with the mysteries of the northern nature! PRESS: ”Scandinavian 'black' metal 2013 : authentic, cold & superior!” - 15/15 Legacy “Rather than simply paying tribute to the chilling, melancholic Scandinavian black metal template Stilla has taken this style and pushed beyond its boundaries and as a result this is one of the early highlights of 2013!” – Cosmos Gaming “Definitely one to pick up if you’re a fan of early Hot Records luminaries such as Tulus or Enthral – seek and enjoy, you won’t regret it.” – 8/10 Ave Noctum "Till Stilla Falla has the potential to take the listener to another sphere, without artificially imitating the given genres. I seldom have heard an debute which is so independent and convincing and still sounds so mature.." - 9/10 RottingHill

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