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ATEIGGÄR - Tyrannemord, Deluxe Digi2CD

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Deluxe hotfoil embossed digisleeve packaging, and two booklets. The new album "Tyrannemord" and 2019’s EP “Us d’r Höll chunt nume Zyt” i(first time on Compact Disc) in one package.

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Thematically, “Tyrannemord” is a fascinating account of the assassination of Leo Armenius, the fifth of his name and ruler of the Byzantine Empire. Occurring in the palace chapel of St. Stephen during midnight mass in the year DCCCXXX, Ateiggär draws influence from the writing of German poet and playwright Andreas Gryphius, providing a fittingly epic and dramatic lyrical underpinning to the music on display.

For it is the music that is sure to grip listeners from the first notes of “Tyrannemord”, where incredibly detailed and energetic composition meets powerful, enthralling melodies; all elements the project has managed to hone and develop since 2019’s EP “Us d’r Höll chunt nume Zyt”. While that release hearkened back to the glory of somewhat lesser known early/mid-90s black metal sounds, here, the duo’s creativity reaches new heights, evidenced through an expanded sense of instrumental dynamics and composition, yet perhaps most evident in Fauth Temenkeel’s grippingly diverse vocal approach. Each syllable seems placed precisely to compliment and expand upon the instrumentation, adding a dimension to these songs that are sorely missing from many contemporary projects. The use of complementary guitars and synth work, with soaring, occasionally sinister and haunting, yet always fascinating melodies are truly something to behold. A standout on this release is the bold, unapologetic use of the bass as an actual instrument and not mere enforcement of the guitar sound. Frequently gorgeous low-end melodies scattered throughout the album serve as a rare treat in a genre that rarely devotes much effort to bass.

The delicate, yet incredibly powerful compositions of “Tyrannemord” have been carefully captured in the Crypt, with mixing duties being handled by fellow HUC luminary Karapan Darvish, ensuring an organic, dense sound that allows for full immersion in the world of Leo Armenius. Of particular note is the stunningly detailed drumming of Fauth Lantav, who manages to add a rare level of intricacy and diverse percussion to these songs, thankfully rendered here without studio trickery, thus allowing for the actual performance and character of the player to shine.

The hauntingly noble and gloriously mysterious artwork, courtesy of frequent collaborator Dungeoncinth, provides the ideal visual compliment to the tale of regicide and its sinister, otherworldly undertones explored throughout the album.

As such, “Tyrannemord” manages to be instantly captivating and fascinating, while providing the depth in songwriting and layers of composition that warrant repeated, focused listens. The compelling narrative explored here invites listeners to delve further into the byzantine era, where a sense of foreboding and mystery lurks in the shadows of realms unknown to common men. Reality intertwines with the realm of dreams, further underscoring the ambivalent nature of a once certain prophecy…

1. De dunkli Ort (1:31)
2. En stille Feind (7:38)
3. Iserni Plag (6:06)
4. Us Lychegiftig Schlaf verwached (6:58)
5. Die Nacht droht fyschter mir (6:27)
6. Chron' und Tod (7:09)
7. Din Lyb ziert de Altar (8:55)

Format: 2CD (album)
Packaging: 6-panel digisleeve on special black, rough card stock, copper hotfoil embossing, incl. 2 booklets with lyrics & illustrations, plus 2 designed download cards for the album and ep.
Cat.Nr.: Eisen212
Limitation: 500
Barcode: 4260393745056
Release date: October 28th, 2022

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