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ULRIKE SEROWY - Skogtatt, Book

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Novella in German & English - Eisenwald exclusiv

"Noise smashed its way out of the hut. It chewed inexorably into the cold night air like an animal unleashed, sinking iron teeth into the silence."

Skogtatt is the attempt to clothe extreme music in words. Whoever plays this music wants to conjure up the inexpressible. But what happens when it is heard?

In the Norwegian language, »bergtatt« means enchanted, enthralled, spellbound. It also means to have been lured into the mountains by the hidden folk. In this book, it is the forest, the »skog«, which lures the wanderer to his doom.

An intriguing and eerie story taking you inside and behind rather than outside and in front of a scene. Recommended for those who wish to wander a little deeper into the forest of music.  - Nash Rothanburg / Scream Mag Norway

Genre: Novella in German & English
Format: 21cm x 17cm
Pages: 60
Illustrations: Faith Coloccia
Packaging: Thread-stitching with open spine and embossed double cover

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