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JOHN HAUGHM - 1865 // 1895: CAST​.​IRON​.​BLOOD., DigiCD

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CD in Gatefold sleeve with embossed front and a glued-in booklet.

The 2nd full-length solo album from John Haughm, “1865 // 1895: Cast.Iron.Blood.”, is the followup to “+37.717364 // -117.247955: The Last Place I Remember” and continues the wayward journey of the dystopian 19th century nomad as he navigates the inter-dimensional desert. It is the 2nd in what is intended to be a trilogy and takes on a more fully orchestrated soundtrack approach.

Music video for "The Scars Maketh The Man" available here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9-VuIfzuw8

1. CAST in the shape of 1878 04:44
2. a river of IRON flows where once the gallows stood 12:22
3. grave nails & BLOOD trails 03:41
4. The Scars Maketh The Man 10:19
5. Pale Horse // Morbid Nomad 04:09
6. Loop 8 (The Crossing) 09:53

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